Money! A Word which you cannot Ignore. A medium through which one can attain happiness, comfort and of course luxuries. It is loved by one and all, the sight of it is never regretted and the more you have the more you want it!

Effect India is recovering from a state of shock or a state of numb where everyone is trying to figure out how best they have got impacted with the Demonitisation of Money Act effected with immediate respect. While Day 1, one heard the loudest cheers hailing the current government, I read a lot of negativity around as and how the thought has seeped into people’s veins.

Reasoning – What is this negativity really about? Is it that we have been suddenly robbed overnight off our fortune? OR Is it that we don’t mind standing in long queues for immigration to US or we may be even standing for 3hrs at a stretch at the Coldplay’s concert, BUT when it comes to standing in long queues at the bank, OMG why should we? There is so much dictatorship in our country? Why should we stand in a line for our own money? The counter arguments have been so many that one can even write a book with these one liner arguments.

Logic – But isn’t it similar to a question which could be posed perhaps by a soldier….I do not have any personal war with Pakistan, why should I give my life for India? Or May be a banker in the current situation, saying, why should I give up my weekends when I am getting abused verbally and physically in my endeavour to help someone who has no appreciation?

My Take – I call it the Love for the colour Black in our Country. When it comes to M for Marriage, we only prefer White (Fair) Looking Spouses, but when it comes to the other M for Money, ironically a majority of Indians swing the other way.

No one can predict the result of this Exam, But a student surely needs to “Appear” for the test to reach a particular Score!



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