WHAT DOES A GRADUATE WANT? : Yes, you read it right. It’s a whole new world of Work Life we are heading towards. With the younger generation wanting instant gratification, exploring new avenues daily, wanting to be their own bosses having entrepreneur instincts, extremely creative and moving with times, Technology is the Key Word that keeps them going.

The Youth today does not really need to have graduated from a Technical Background, to procure success in the Digital World, that’s the kind of Power a Digital Platform allows many young kids today.

THE PLATFORM : The Digital World or more commonly known as the Social Media Platform, not just allows you to market your product/service digitally with maximum outreach, but opens up multiple avenues both on professional and personal fronts. The Social Media field is like a new born baby, which started hoping and eventually sprinting in last 5-6 years. Though it is very difficult to actually summarise the growth of this virtual world since a new technology to connect is developing almost every 15-30 days.

CAREER PROSPECTS : What are the Career Prospects after pursuing Social Media Studies? Every Organization, Corporate, NGO, Political Party, Brands of Products or Individuals, and almost everything that SELLS have Social Media Platforms. While the Traditional Print Medium is there to exist in a dynamic country like ours, the online platforms are slowly killing the any communication medium which comes with a time lag.

My Take : Social Media is surely here to stay, and innovate itself by each passing year. A Great Upward Looking Career Option for any student wanting to become a Media Professional.


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