Where Mountains meet the Sea…..Sailing from the North Island to the South Island, just before touching Christchurch in New Zealand, we had an overnight stay at a small place called Kaikoura (150 kms approx to Christchurch).

Location : Assuming a small place could be a small town, was pleasantly surprised to see just a long street overlooking a beautiful sea. Pic 2 above is the view from our balcony at the motel. The place is inhabited with only 3800 residents, which probably would be less in number than the marine mammals and seabirds which are found in abundance.

How to Spend you Day?You can either book yourself for Whale or Dolphin Watching or if you have the adventurous streak in you, trek up to the mountains to get a breathtaking view of the blue landscape below.

Hungry? – The street has some good Europeans restaurants which you could visit, some great Wines and French cuisines. We had an opportunity to have a hot Egg Breakfast overlooking the sea across the street. Near to our dine time, since we had been munching bread for past 10 days, the Indian tastebud in us encouraged us to find out an Indian Restaurant at Kaikoura! Yes you heard that right. Run by an Indian gentleman, the Kaikoura Indian Restaurant made us feel completely at home. And yes we did gobble up some Hot Dal Makhani and Steamed Rice in the dipping temperatures.

Recommend? – Strongly for tourists who love a lonely walk, a calm evening completely cut off from human life virtually and ready to explore!


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