Island Living – Mauritius!

Le Maurice or Paradise on Earth or commonly known to Us Indians as Mauritius! The minute we hear about this place, we visualize the colour BLUE! I share with you my experience of living for a couple of years on this beautiful tip on the map.

Location & Connectivity to India – Mauritius is located in the Indian Ocean, approximately 2000 kms off southeast coast of Africa. It takes around 7.5 hrs from New Delhi and 5.50 hrs from Mumbai to land on this island via Air Mauritius. There is a flight daily to India and fro from one of these locations in India [from Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai].

Tourist Friendly for Short term & Long Term Stays – To us Indians, when we here of Mauritius we generally visualise some of our famous Bollywood songs pictured and shot on the crystal clear sandy beaches. However, the island is not only about the turquoise waters but also about a dense green patch which can make you wander and wander. You may choose to visit the place for a mere 7 days or maybe extend your European winter stay for about 3-6 months. Remember, Mauritius falls below the Equator, therefore, the seasons here are exactly opposite to that in the norther hemisphere. Almost the entire coastline is covered by beautiful plush beachfront resorts, which welcomes tourists from across the globe, mainly, Europe, Asia, Africa and to some extent Western Australia. A Number of fully equipped service apartments allows you to set up your home virtually in this paradise for a period of 3-6 months and extend it even upto a year.

Heaven for the Retired! – With a life not too hectic, a mere population of 1.2 million, no pollution and surrounded by multiple Golf Estates, Mauritius tops the list for a retired couple to to set up their home there. The Government of Mauritius offers multiple schemes such as IRS and RES under which a Non-Resident can purchase a property for his stay or even rent it out for short term stays through the year.

Tourist Life V/s Resident Life – In those 2 long years that I lived on the island, my friends in India would give an arm to live my life, however, let me tell you, it is a different experience altogether when you are on the island beyond a week’s time. As Indians, we are brought up in a fast life atmosphere, need to keep embracing change and development every now and then, work in dynamic cultures, etc. However, comparatively, an island living is much slower, almost dead after 4-5pm, not many places of entertainments {baring 2-3 malls in total}, etc. Also, the island has a lot of French Influence, therefore the culture, language and warmth could be not as easy for an Indian residing there.

My Take : The Images of the Island are almost mesmerizing and trust me they are even prettier than what you see online. They might just prompt all you singles there to tie the knot and book you honeymoon package here and for the families, there are lots of water sports to explore 🙂


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