Kuch Kuch Hota Hai in Scotland!


Wonder what caught your eye 1st! SRK or Me….or let me Guess, the beautiful Brick Tantallon Castle Behind the 2 of us.

Where – A Tip to the extreme Northeast of Scotland


How did we Explore? – On my Visit to the Scottish Land last year, I had jotted down the usual points of visit — Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness and so on…We were to arrive at the Lake District [between Scotland & London] via a road journey. Bypassing the maps provided to us which took us through the centre of the country, we decided to take a detour via the east coast before reaching our destination. It was by chance that we were browsing the Google Guide to take us to some points of interest through the journey and to our surprise we arrived at this really old rubbled castle. Not striking us even at that point, we were only enlightened about an Indian connect while we purchased our entry tickets. The manager at the counter told us in his Scottish accent –

“You are Indians? Your Popular Movie Koooch Koooch Hota Hai was shot here!”

And we were taken back to the flashes of 1998 when Karan Johar’s Potboiler movie had released.

Forget the Castle, Remembering SRK – While entering the huge green lawn [seen in the pictures], the 1st thing we did was once again browsed the net downloading Images of the song and trying to explore point by point where SRK touched our chords!

Should You Visit? – Scottish Tours are generally very tight scheduled, however, if one has some time on hand with a self drive car, you could perhaps explore driving through the Eastern Coast and on the way stop for a PhotoOp at this place. It is difficult to pen our emotions remembering the famous Bollywood movie in a completely alien zone at that point in time. Its more about the comparable Visuals than Entertainment!



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