Udvada, Gujarat The Holy Land of the Parsis in India

A Small Quaint town on the west coast of Gujarat, is popular for its Atash Behram [the holy place for Zoroastrians which has the holy fire burning since days its ignition in Iran]


Where – Approximately 200 kms up northwest from the city of Mumbai


Accessible By – Road (NH-8) or Western Railway Trains.

How did the Holy fire Land Here – In our earlier blog named, “What is Zoroastrianism”, we learnt how the Zoroasts had landed on the coast of Sanjaan and allowed by King Rana to set up base there. Soon, there was an invasion once again by the Muslims of North India and the sacred fire had to be shifted once again. Eventually, after many months of preserving the same at various places, they established the base in Udvada, 30 kms approximately from Sanjaan.

About the place – The village would be inhabited in a few hundreds and gives a vintage feeling. Walking through the by lanes of the place, you can smell the earth and probably hear the sound of waves from far away.


Restricted to Non-Parsis – The Main area where the Atash Behram is situated is restricted to the Non-Parsis, as the faith strictly does not allow anyone other than a Zoroastrian to visit the place of worship. A Highly Debatable topic in today’s times!


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