Visit to Wagah – A Footstep Away from Pakistan

Wahe Guru Da Khalsa, Wahe Guru Di Fateh! Yes you are in the Holy Place of Amritsar when you hear these chants often.

What’s Special About Amritsar? – A Small City in the North West Frontier of India in the State of Punjab, Amritsar, is the home to the Sikh Community across the globe who come here to offer their thanksgiving to their prophet Guru Nanak Saheb. However, one should NOT MISS the visit to the Wagah Border [30 kms approx] when you visit this city.

About the Wagah Experience – What is it about? Travelling 30 kms just for a 15-20 minute ceremony? No, Hold On! – It has much much more to offer — The Feeling of Patriotism, The Waving Indian Tricolour, The Enthusiasm and Pride for our Motherland, The Patriotic Songs and a feeling of Numb while the Sun Sets in the West! A beatutifully conducted ceremony anchored by the BSF DJ from our side, this is one time in the day, when the border gates for both countries are opened up and the “Golden Handshake” taken place.

Do You Need to Pre-Book? – No, there are no tickets for this ceremony for the general seating, however, there are a few VIP Passes available if you would know someone directly at the camp. But best recommended is to sit along with the general public and be a part of the loud cheers and dance while we cherish our country’s pride!

Across the Border – While the Indian side was completely filled up by 4pm, we could hardly see seats occupied on the other side. However, by 5pm, they too showed up their might in numbers and danced and enjoyed equally to their local songs.

No Recommendation Required – As an Indian, you need to create an opportunity to visit Amritsar, even if you are not a Sikh and thereby visit this border ceremony. Everytime even now, when I see these pictures, I have shivers pass down my body making me emotional for my country.


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