Are Social Media Surveys Relevant?

#Demonetisation Trending since 08th November!

Mindset Game : India is once again divided between an Acceptance V/s Opinion of Policy. Since the currencies of 500 & 1000 denominations have been discontinued, a number of economists have emerged on Social Media Platforms – mind you some are genuine, and some assuming they are economists, just like the author of this blog :).

Allegations : On a serious side, a number of deaths [as high as 70 until last evening] have been reported citing long queues as the main reason for the same. A number of counter attacks have come from the #Bhakt gang questioning why no one dies in a queue outside a liquor shop or long queue outside a Big Bazaar on National holidays and so on….

#CashCrunchMany people on ground are still complaining about the ATMs with permanent Out of Order boards, or Branch shutters being down post noon or the limitations of withdrawals which have hampered their daily lives…

#WinterSession2016 – The Opposition, yet to be defined as all are in fragmented small numbers is out with their weapons of protest against this move and about 200 MPs take the protest march at Jantar Mantar…….Wish we ever saw this kind of attendance in the Parliament! Nonetheless, we are a Democracy and each Indian has every #RIGHTTOEXPRESS

The Namo App – Yes, this is the 1st of its kind, but not the 1st claim of the Government of claiming anything 1st during their tenure 🙂 The App was launched by the PrimeMinister on 22nd November, 2016, asking every citizen of the Nation to vote either in Favour or Against #Demonetisation.

Poll Results – From a sample size of 5 lakh voters who took part in the poll, The #GOI has declared more than 90% approx in FAVOUR of the #Demonetisation policy. The PM congratulated all who voted and gave a thumbs up to the results which showed only 10% voting against or not in favour of the policy

The BIG Qs [no pun intended]

  1. Whether the result on a Social Media App, could be justified as Real?
  2. Is the sample size of 5 lakhs in a country of 125 cr reasonable?
  3. Who are the citizens who participated in the poll?
  4. Did they belong to the #Bhakt gang, or did the 10% belong to the opposition of #Congis or #AAPtards?
  5. Can this poll be rigged?
  6. Did the voters who favoured stand in Qs or did the Voters who voted against lose the colour #black?
  7. Are the #IndianPoliticians opposing really for the harassed?
  8. Is the #IndianPrimeMinister working for the betterment of the country or to strike another point?
  9. Have we as citizens become used to a thundering moment each week, else we start criticising the #GOI?
  10. The One’s who never had #BlackMoney are least bothered and only monitoring the stocks?

Social Media Relevance : Social Media is an extremely vital tool to #connect with the people. However, it has dual sides to it just like any other medium which is effective. While the popularity/negativity towards a brand/individual can be accessed through various forums, they may or may not be 100% accurate.

For eg. : a popular brand once did a survey through a digital marketing agency to access the acceptance of their product. They happened to get 10k #likes in a couple of hours, which made them believe that the product was well accepted and could do well in the long run. However, unfortunately the product sales were not picking up as expected and the survey or the #likes received on their Social Media page was contradicting. When they initiated a detailed analysis of which region customers were pro product, they were surprised to find out that most of the clicks were from a particular zone where their #digitalmarketing firm was based. This made them conclude the Social Media trends may not be accurate until their internal employee has monitored and analysed the same

For all readers of this Blog, if you can log in and connect to this page, you are extremely smart to understand the parallel drawn between the above example and the #NamoApp

Time for me to sign out now, “AP” Vote Karte rahiye 



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