Should #PakistaniActors Work in #Bollywood Industry?

Quite a Mushkil Question this would be! And this question is not new for sure. For years the Pakistani artists have been performing not just in #Bollywood, but also been active in different Art Industries such as, Ghazals, Poetry, Book Writing and so on.

Over the past 21st century starting 2000s, we have had multiple artists from Pakistan who have forayed into the glam industry in India. Some of them who have achieved huge stardom are Adnan Sami, Ali Zafar, Fawad Khan, Atif Aslam, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, and many more. Of course, stalwarts like the Ghazal Singer, Ghulam Ali have existed since much before.

India & Pak Relations at Border – Relations between a Country emerging from a parent Country could never be great and there have been blow hot blow cold kind of relationship between both the countries since 1947. While the borders are peaceful, the sentiments onn both sides of the border are affectionate and warm towards the other. But naturally, if there have been infiltrations or border invasions or violation of seize firing, then the entire dynamics change on both sides, be it trade, artists, tourists and so on…

Latest Controversy of #PakArtists

a) People of India : While many producers have taken flak for encouraging #PakArtists over the talent of #IndianArtists, the latest in the line of fire was #KaranJohar, for casting the #PakArtist #FawadKhan in his recent released movie #ADHM. The huge lash back came with the backdrop of 17 Soldiers being killed in #URIATTACKS, where the people of India became extremely emotional and sentimental  with anguish towards their approach for #PakArtists. Rightly so, as our #IndianArmy soldiers who serve us with safety at the border had to lose their life, mainly in being caught unaware by the #PakTerrorists

b) #Bollywood : A strong support came from the corners of #Bollywood supporting #KaranJohar and raising their voice against the ban of his movie which starred a #PakArtist. In their opinion, an official Visa is issued by the #GOI on which any artist works in the country. Basis this visa, their contention has been, that they were in their full legal right to cast someone with a valid visa.

c) The 3rd Angle : Between the 2 sides, there emerged a cat named #MNS in Mumbai, which went on a different tangent altogether. They not only protested against the release but also threatened to burn any theatre which promoted the release.

Present Scenario : The Movie released [after #KaranJohar promising not to cast any #PakArtist again] and also entered the #100crore club successfully. Too much back and forth happened between #MNS chief Raj Thackeray and #KaranJohar, the media houses, radio channels all made moolah of the controversy and ultimately, many of the Indians who protested with heavy sentiments also enjoyed the movie with popcorn and salsa.

Should We Allow #PakArtists to Perform again : The Policy of the Government has to be clear with everything related to the people and trade across the border. With the love-hate relationship we share with each other, there could be several scenarios wherein the #GOI has approved visa or permissions for entry into the country, but with sudden border problem, everything gets stalled. A peculiar pattern to be noted with both UPA and the NDA governments is, that they themselves have never issued any restriction or ban but the producers have been threatened with Non-State Menaces. The stand of #GOI should be clear so as to avoid such sudden change in scenarios which can affect trade and commerce.



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